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Lessig Transcript - Wikimania 2006

Lessig Audio from Wikimania 2006

ChrisBradley "hard not to conclude that sousa was right."
ChrisBradley "never before has read write been displaced by read only culture - as by the infernal machine today"
ChrisBradley "Historically there are lots of contexts"
08:40 ChrisBradley "In the 19th century there was a Republican born under Lincoln - Free Labor movement is the part I want you to focus on."
ChrisBradley "Free to engage your capacities as a laborer - use the means of production to create."
08:41 ChrisBradley "Lincoln was displaced by technology and replaced and by the 20th century has removed it."
ChrisBradley "The 21st century has begun to bring it back"
ChrisBradley "Wealth of Networks : Book - possibly most important book of 21st century - "
ChrisBradley "Read Write Labor"
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ChrisBradley "Founding movement called Federalists - Washington - extroardinary Elitists."
ChrisBradley "Was killed by a popular democracy - the party of Jefferson"
08:43 ChrisBradley "It would be party politics transformed by people spreading the word - "
ChrisBradley "Killed by broadcast politics - in the 20th century"
ChrisBradley "In the 21st century - we have a chance to revise this."
ChrisBradley "Blogs - forcing people to explain their reason"
08:44 ChrisBradley "Net enabled active participants - to engage in pushing / defending their ideas."
08:45 ChrisBradley "read write culture mixes with free labor - unfortunately the result in 20th century produced very totalitarian type leadership."
08:46 ChrisBradley "Free culture in 21st century gives a chance..."
ChrisBradley "Not just one new culture out there - must recognize 2."
08:47 ChrisBradley "New Read Only Culture - ideal that you can buy exactly what you want - subscribe to whatever culture you want to own - Amazon pay per page - pay per read ways of selling books - Increasing efforts to control the copyright control of the author and increase them."
08:48 ChrisBradley "Anime music video."
08:49 ChrisBradley pause - phone call - back in 5 mins
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08:56 ChrisBradley welcom bsmntbombdood
ChrisBradley Anime music video - remix culture expose
08:57 ChrisBradley video of Tony Blair and George Bush
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tl ?
ChrisBradley pausing for video and applause
08:58 tl still voiceless in #freenode-social ;/
ChrisBradley "This is a remix of culture that is built upon the capacity of remix - The black album "
08:59 ChrisBradley "The context of 2004 a film made for $218.00 - LA International film festival winner."
ChrisBradley tl - don't worry - just be patient
ChrisBradley "Donna summer / Jesus video"
tl ChrisBradley: I have been. My other nick gets autovoiced... tempted to kill it just so I can converse

09:00 ChrisBradley
tl Although maybe I shouldn't, all I have is complaints about my car again and nice things to say about my workPC
09:01 tl boring
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Cybersoft so what is a lessig ?
ChrisBradley Lawrence Lessig - authority on many new things
tl Cybersoft: it's a type of plant
ChrisBradley Check out the audio feed in the topic
Cybersoft and why didn't you answer when I asked in #freenode and in PM ?
09:02 tl argh, flash
ChrisBradley "We increasingly need to reognize the capacity for people to remix - use audio and video for speech - reviving the capacity of read write culture."
09:03 ChrisBradley "Copyright law doesn't like the read write culture."
ChrisBradley "Copyright likes the read only culture.."
ChrisBradley "Copyright in the way it is currently used - shifts things into a permission society."
tl I'd love to listen if the feed didn't use flash...
ChrisBradley "The conflict is bad enough"
09:04 ChrisBradley "The conflict is exacerbate the rw culture..."
ChrisBradley tl do you have a high speed connect?
ChrisBradley just download the mp3
tl ChrisBradley: I do

09:05 tl didn't notice download the first time around. Thanks
ChrisBradley "In this very place - there's a simple solution - as a lawyer - lets litigate - You supreme court justices - look to your principles - because the framers of the constitution - would never accept this."
09:06 ChrisBradley "The idea that we were going to go to the courts was wrong though."
ChrisBradley "What we needed to do was excite the popular movement that would shift the minds of the politicians and lawyers to show people its value in 1000 different contexts."
09:07 ChrisBradley "Enable free culture - not just in the hackers den - but in the schools - in the workplaces - etc."
ChrisBradley "Volunteers uncontrolled by any means without any particular control could develop something useful."
09:08 ChrisBradley "Enable the freedom to create ie. The GNU Linux OS and other platforms - began to surface and show that - yes - the capacity of humans is exceptional."
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ChrisBradley "There are lessons about how this extroardinary pattern is learned - over 50 years things have been learned and relearned - Interoperability - the lesson is the lesson that Freedom is a bigger more important policy - Defence Dept opened our minds surprisingly - ideas that computers couldn't talk to one another - we aren't spending millions of dollars on autistic computing."
09:13 ChrisBradley "The success of the DOS Operating system - IBM PS/2 - Stopping interoperability protected their power - bad idea - should be remembered that interoperability is important - Have to make is possible to make it sure that freedom is enabled - Fight against piracy are terrorist wars - according to Jack Valenti - where our children are "terrorists" violating copyright."
ChrisBradley "Free culture should be facilitated at the technical AND LEGAL layer to stop this backward thinking."
09:15 ChrisBradley "Give a simple way for authors to mark their content with all rights reserved - some rights reserved - or no rights reserved - Creative Commons and Richard Stallman "
ChrisBradley There is a 3 layer model
ChrisBradley Legal Layer - porting from one layer to another
ChrisBradley Machine Readable Format
ChrisBradley Human readable format
09:16 ChrisBradley As the liscenses have been ported
ChrisBradley 2.5 years about 12 million liscenses
ChrisBradley June 140 Million link backs to these liscenses
Cybersoft that music sucks
09:17 ChrisBradley Content that explicitly says - "we are free"
09:18 ChrisBradley "minimizing the content and cost of lawyers - and allow people to do the things they want to do and say the things they want to say. This is the read write culture that we support - you have ignited the RW culture with your work at WP...."
09:19 Cybersoft whats the point of playing Ill survive in that stream ?
ChrisBradley "I come here not just to praise, but to plea to you to use your power not just...
09:20 ChrisBradley Cybersoft: the stream was to show a video remix - it was available in Video yesterday
ChrisBradley and likely will be soon
09:22 ChrisBradley "Free culture will excite more people - second platform I will plea for - conversation with Jwales - we were drinking coffee - walking around a park - lack of interoperability - islands of freedom - creative commons liscenses - still do not interact - the liscenses as they are are a bad design - first
ChrisBradley thought was to control - wipe out GFDL and make it conform to Creative Commons -
09:23 ChrisBradley But allow them to work together is better -
ChrisBradley While letting people mean the same thing with their work
ChrisBradley Use the content modify as long as you give me attribution etc.
ChrisBradley Because both liscenses essentially say the same thing
09:24 ChrisBradley This prevents monopoly - invites a diversity in the underlying legal code.
09:25 ChrisBradley There's a kind of market signal about what types of people are using the type of legal code that is desired by the type of artist etc.
09:26 ChrisBradley the market forces will end up paying for the engineering
ChrisBradley The structure will add a clause - content liscensed under this liscenced - can be re-liscensed by some other liscence -
09:27 ChrisBradley So it is possible to engage in Derivative liscences.
ChrisBradley Federation of Free liscenses ?
09:29 ChrisBradley Right now it looks like the PS/2 - which was not interoperable - but we have the opportunity to develop the platform and make it invite competition and use of varying liscenses - if we don't solve this problem soon - it will enable creators to be creative and not tinker with legal code - you could do good here - you should do good here
09:30 ChrisBradley "We reject kings presidents and voting" - quote of a hero of lessig
ChrisBradley "If we don't want to live in a jungle - we must change our attitudes - we must change our attitudes to practice good citizenship when necessary."
09:31 ChrisBradley "I wish you success and virtue."
ChrisBradley Applause - and Q&A


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